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1、Most Irish people go to _____ church every Sunday and _____ church plays _____ important part in their life.

  • A. ∕;the;
  • B. ∕;the;an
  • C. the;∕;a
  • D. ∕;a;the

2、—Sorry, I have broken your bike.
—I'll try to get it _____.

  • A. repaired
  • B. to repair
  • C. repairing
  • D. to be repaired

3、—The price of the shoed is fine with me. How would you like _____ paid?
—Well, it is up to you.

  • A. one
  • B. me
  • C. that
  • D. it

4、After going _____ lots of difficulties, he succeeded in his business.

  • A. over
  • B. through
  • C. across
  • D. into

5、—Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?
—I am afraid _____ day is possible.

  • A. either
  • B. neither
  • C. some
  • D. any

6、Please _____ down what you like to do, and then tell me your reasons for that.

  • A. set
  • B. get
  • C. turn
  • D. cut

7、Most of us would rather send e-mail as it has _____ of the troubles of sending letters via the post office.

  • A. nothing
  • B. none
  • C. some
  • D, either

8、It was the first time in my life that I _____ the wonderful scene.

  • A. saw
  • B. had seen
  • C. have seen
  • D. see

9、—What is the man, actually?
—I don't know for sure. But I think he can be _____ but a teacher.

  • A. something
  • B. anything
  • C. nobody
  • D. anyone

10、—May I have your name, please? — _____.

  • A. Of course
  • B. All right
  • C. Yes, please
  • D. Call me Jane please

11、Equipped with modern facilities, today's libraries differ greatly from _____ .

  • A. those of the past
  • B. the past
  • C. which of the past
  • D. these past

12、 Do you know _____ he is getting on with his studies in the new school?

  • A. whether
  • B. what
  • C. when
  • D. how

13、The number of traffic accidents caused by drinking is _____ as the number of those caused by non-drinking driving.

  • A. as twice many
  • B. many as twice
  • C. as twice large
  • D. twice as large

14、It was 8 o'clock _____ I went back home last night.

  • A. that
  • B. when
  • C. which
  • D. what

15、It was seven o'clock _____ I got to school this morning, _____ made our teacher very angry.

  • A. when; that
  • B. that; that
  • C. when; which
  • D. that; when

16、The reason _____ he is late is _____ there was a breakdown on the railway.

  • A. why; why
  • B. because; that
  • C. that; because
  • D. why; that

17、—Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Brown?
—I'm sorry, but it is 3 weeks _____ he worked here.

  • A. before
  • B. while
  • C. after
  • D. since

18、The part that China _____ in the international affairs _____ in the international society.

  • A. plays; is widely praised
  • B. plays; is wide praised
  • C. takes; widely praised
  • D. takes; wide praised

19、—How long do you think it will be _____ the Stock Market returns to normal?
—At least one year, I guess.

  • A. when
  • B. before
  • C. until
  • D. that

20、_____, a sleepy driver killed twenty-two students and teachers in a traffic accident in Shanxi Province.

  • A. What's more
  • B. After all
  • C. Believe it or not
  • D. More or less

21、Unluckily, when I dropped in, Doctor Li _____ for New York for a conference. So we only had a little time for a few words.

  • A. just left
  • B. has just left
  • C. had just left
  • D. was just leaving

22、Many students made great progress in listening _____ the large amount of time devoted to it.

  • A. because of  
  • B. instead of
  • C. in case of
  • D. in spite of

23、—Hey! What's the rush?
—The plane _____ at 4:00 and I need to see my uncle off.

  • A. takes off
  • B. will take off
  • C. has taken off
  • D. took off

24、—Oh, it's you! I ____ you .
—I've just had my hair cut, and I'm wearing new glasses.

  • A. didn't recognize 
  • B. didn't know
  • C. haven't recognized
  • D. haven't known

25、It's said that _____ of the students _____ absent.

  • A. three-fifth, are 
  • B. three-fifths, is
  • C. third-fifth, is
  • D. three-fifths, are

26、He won't change his mind _____ you go and try to persuade him yourself.

  • A. since  
  • B. as though
  • C. as if
  • D. even if

27、The police offered 2,000 dollars _____ to whoever witnessed the theft.

  • A. price
  • B. reward
  • C. award
  • D. prize

28、_____ as a serious problem at present, it has drawn a lot of people's attention.

  • A. Recognize
  • B. Recognized
  • C. Being recognized
  • D. Having recognized

29、_____ more effectively with others, more and more people equip themselves with a higher education.

  • A. To compete  
  • B. Being competed
  • C. Competing
  • D. Competed

30、The army received a command that they _____ to the front immediately.

  • A. would march  
  • B. must march
  • C. should march
  • D. were marching

31、_____ hat it was going to snow, the climbers decided to put off their attempt on the highest peak.

  • A. Having been told
  • B. Having told
  • C. To be told
  • D. Telling

32、The money collected should be made good use _____ the people in Sichuan Province who suffered a lot in the earthquake.

  • A. of helping
  • B. to help
  • C. to helping
  • D. of to help

33、After two year's research ,we now have a _____ better understanding of the disease.

  • A. very
  • B. quite
  • C. fairly
  • D. far

34、John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work _____ , he gladly accepted it.

  • A. finished
  • B. finishing
  • C. having finished
  • D. was finished

35、Facts prove that the world's economic development is not a win-lose game but one in which all _____ be winners.

  • A. can
  • B. shall
  • C. must
  • D. would

36、—I'm afraid that she won't come to help me as she promised.
—Don't worry, Nothing will _____ her mind if she has _____ up her mind.

  • A. change; made
  • B. turn; done
  • C. grow; given
  • D. make; changed

37、—How was your Holiday in Hainan?
—Really wonderful! I have never had _____ one before.

  • A. a very pleasant
  • B.a more pleasant
  • C. a more pleasant
  • D. so a pleasant

38、_____, I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week.

  • A. However the story is amusing
  • B. No matter amusing is the story
  • C. However amusing the story is
  • D.No matter how the story is amusing

39、Maybe you have been to many countries, but nowhere else _____ such a beautiful palace.

  • A. can you find
  • B. you could find
  • C. you can find
  • D. could you find

40、Mrs Smith has tried many times to persuade her husband to give _____ smoking, but Mr Smith wouldn't listen. Finally Mrs Smith had to give _____ and let him be.

  • A. in; in
  • B. up; up
  • C. up; in
  • D. in; up

41、This book is written in _____ easy English _____ beginners can understand.

  • A, such; that
  • B. so; that
  • C. such; as
  • D. too; that

42、Jane is very popular because she is easy to _____.

  • A. be got a long
  • B. get along
  • C. get along with
  • D. be got on with

43、They are all _____ little children that they are not able to look after _____ many cows on the farm.

  • A. so; so
  • B. such; so
  • C. such; such
  • D. so; such

44、His head was _____ in the book he was reading.

  • A. devoted
  • B. addicted
  • C. buried
  • D. adsorbed

45、Shall we _____ the meeting and have some tea?

  • A. break up
  • B. break down
  • C. beak off
  • D. break away

46、—The exam wasn't difficult at all, was it? —No, but I don't believe _____ could pass it.

  • A. somebody
  • B. anybody
  • C. everybod
  • D. nobody

47、—Next week I will go to a job interview. Will you give me some suggestions?
—Smiling is a great way to make yourself _____.

  • A. work out
  • B. turn out
  • C. stand out
  • D. pick out

48、—I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cut in and knocked me down.
—You can never be _____ careful in the street.

  • A. much
  • B. very
  • C. so
  • D. too

49、We must keep our room clean, for dirt and disease go _____ ,you know.

  • A. hand in hand
  • B. step by step
  • C. from time to time
  • D. one after another

50、Do you still remember the chicken farm _____ we visited three months ago?

  • A. where
  • B. when
  • C. that
  • D. what

51、Busy _____ she is, Rita _____ two hours every Sunday afternoon to spend with her son.

  • A. though, sets out
  • B. as; sets aside
  • C. as; sets down
  • D. though; sets off

52、Many children, _____ parents are away working in big cities, are taken good care of in the village.

  • A. their
  • B. whose
  • C. of them
  • D. with whom

53、—Hello. Jane. Have you arrived at the hotel?
—Yeah, busy _____. I'll call back later.

  • A. checking in
  • B. to check in
  • C. checking out
  • D. to check out

54、—Did you give the book to him? —Yes. I gave it to him _____ I saw him.

  • A. once
  • B. the moment
  • C. of them
  • D. with whom

55、_____nothing to do with us.

  • A. What he did
  • B. What he has done is
  • C. What did he do has
  • D. What he has done has

56、Mr Read made up his mind to devote all he had to _____ some schools for poor children.

  • A. set up
  • B. have set up
  • C. setting up
  • D. having set up

57、When he got off the bus, he found his pocket _____.

  • A. stolen
  • B. picked
  • C. gone
  • D missing

58、—Let's go for a walk after supper. — _____.

  • A. Really?
  • B. Why not?
  • C. Good idea?
  • D. Go, please

59、This shop sells _____ clothing.

  • A. child's and woman's
  • B. children and women's
  • C. children's and women
  • D. children's and women's

60、—I'm going to the States. —How long _____ you _____ in the States?

  • A. are; stayed
  • B. are; staying
  • C. have; stayed
  • D. did; stay
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